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Tyler Lockett to be key for Seattle; Kansas State working on Zika virus

Short, sweet, late.

Could Lockett become a star receiver in The League?
Could Lockett become a star receiver in The League?
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s Slate is short and late. See? S. Late. Mostly, this is due to your benevolent despot’s schedule being altered this week. But it’s been a quiet 24, so we’ve only got four little bits for you today, anyway.

Before we get to them, yesterday we had two installments of BracketCat’s countdown (a very NICE piece on Jacob Hershberger and then Bronson Massie), and the news that Bruce Weber lost JUCO transfer Tyrek Coger to Oklahoma State. Bracket’s already on the board today, as well, with #67: Reid Najvar.

Landon Wright of Today’s U has an interview with Hammond (La.) linebacker Davion May, who has K-State in his top three.

At the Big 12 blog on ESPN, Brandon Chatmon predicts week one. Only two Big 12 teams are predicted to lose. One of them is Texas, and you don’t need me to tell you who the other is.

Jared Dubin of CBS reports that Pete Carroll has Tyler Lockett fully integrated into Seattle’s offensive plans for 2016.

Finally, the Zika virus has been wreaking havoc with sports news this summer, as it seems to be the primary determinant on who’s going to voluntarily take a pass on representing their nations in Rio. And who’s in the center of research on the virus to try and neutralize it? K-State’s Biosecurity Research Institute, of course. (Press release, retrieved via HealthCanal)