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JUCO transfer Tyrek Coger picks Oklahoma State over Kansas State

Brad Underwood wins round one with Bruce Weber

“I’ll show you guys.”
“I’ll show you guys.”
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Although reading too much into it would be foolish, the optics can’t be denied: Bruce Weber, in his first head-to-head clash with Brad Underwood, lost.

6’9” forward Tyrek Coger, a transfer from Cape Fear (N.C.) Community College, had initially committed to Ole Miss before being declared ineligible under SEC (but not NCAA) rules. Sunday, after visiting Stillwater, Coger picked Oklahoma State over Rutgers, UNC-Charlotte, and the Wildcats.

Our own Luke Thompson avers that this probably isn’t actually a big loss on the floor, and he could well be right. But it’s definitely a blow, regardless; given an already awkward vibe in the fanbase regarding Underwood’s hire by the Cowboys, losing a late recruit to him stings.