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Happy Father's Day!

A holiday and a slow news day, all in one.

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Happy Father's Day, commentariat! Whether you are celebrating with your children, or your own fathers, or even the men or women who took on that responsibility in your life, I hope you're taking a moment to reflect on what an adventure it's been, and how you couldn't have done it without that one person who held your hand through it all.

BracketCat's countdown continues apace, this time with #88 sophomore tight end Dayton Valentine.

Meanwhile, Gracey Terrill brings us the long-expected news that Kansas State's search for a new president has officially begun, with the posting of the official position profile for the job. What would you want out of the next president of your Kansas State University?

We are right smack in the middle of college football doldrums. A general paucity of real news means that we're forced to contemplate various issues that would be consigned to the junk heap in September.

Chief among these issues is anything involving Jim Harbaugh. This time, it appears his whirlwind tour of the world has the NCAA's attention. The organization is considering whether to take over the school-sponsored camps and replace them with an official spring camp program that would take place at NFL facilities, and possibly in partnership with the NFL. The NCAA is also considering whether to compensate low-income athletes for travel expenses. This may well be the first signal that even the NCAA considers college football essentially a development league for the NFL. I'm not entirely sure this is a good thing, although it certainly seems to address current concerns about satellite camps.

In a sure sign that even the folks at the mothership are bored, Jason Kirk considers a proposal to do away with conference divisions altogether. For each conference that already has divisions and a title game, he suggests a rotating slate of games with certain games played every year. So, for example, in the Big Ten, Iowa would always play Minnesota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin, but would rotate other league teams off its schedule. This would preserve rivalries and also prevent the situation where Alabama gets to avoid Florida for an Avogadro number of seasons on the inevitable way to another SEC title. Of course, we already do this in the Big 12 with the league round robin. But if the conference ever expands to 12 teams, which games would Kansas State protect, if any? If Kansas is not the first team that pops into your head, we may have to take BotC member ID badge away.

I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend, and that you're staying cool and hydrated! Happy weekend (or what's left of it)!