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Big News for The #Family

Lots going on in the busy world of Kansas State Football!

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday Jon Morse did a great job with another Q&A for another school for possible Big 12 Expansion. #Expansionpalooza with Texas A&M. Check out the case FOR Texas A&M here.

Also, we forgot to mention Jordy Nelson's birthday yesterday! Here's to the 2016 season being one of your best!

Michael Bishop joins elite company with nomination for the College Football Hall of Fame class of 2017.Michael Bishop is most known for leading Kansas State to the historical season of 1998. When most Kansas State fans think of the greats of Kansas State Football, Bishop is always included in that conversation. He broke records, he defeated the juggernaut of Nebraska for the first time in 30 years, he was unstoppable. Sadly, we all know how the 1998 season went so no need to go over that. The 1998 season was full of great memories for so many fans and that is due to Michael Bishop being an outstanding quarterback. Congrats to Michael Bishop & family, looking forward to seeing you in the College Football Hall of Fame!

For a full list of nominees, head on over to The National Football Foundation