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Big 12 First Round: Kansas State vs Oklahoma State Open Game Thread

It's a winnable game against a bad opponent. What could go wrong?

Destroy them. That is all.
Destroy them. That is all.
Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports
First Round - Wed, Mar 9, 2016
Sprint Center (18,972)
Kansas City MO
6:00 PM CT
(9) Oklahoma State
(12-19, 3-15 Big 12)
vs Kansas State
(16-15, 5-13 Big 12)

It's the last ride of the Travis Ford gang, most likely, and the Wildcats could fire the final bullet. K-State's done well against Oklahoma State in the post-season of late, and it will certainly be more of a home crowd for the Cats than for the Cowboys. Let's hope all this works in the favor of the good guys this evening, even though a win just means running into the Jayhawk buzzsaw tomorrow.

Yes, we're being Debbie Downers. But on the bright side, a win would basically ensure an NIT bid.

Also, if you're into the whole Snapchat thing, be sure to follow the BringOnTheCats1 account tonight (and this whole weekend, really), as Gracey will be on hand to capture those precious moments. Assuming there are any, of course.