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Bring on the Podcast with the K-State Collegian's Tim Everson (feat. Jon Morse!)

The Collegian's sports editor returns to the podcast to discuss the many concerns about the K-State athletic department, which have grown so large Jon Morse even joined us for this week's conversation.

What does the future hold for this man?
What does the future hold for this man?
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

K-State Collegian sports editor recently wrote a column titled "The Death of the K-State family" and if you haven't read it yet, you should do that immediately. We were so impressed with his eloquent summation of how K-State fans feel that we decided him to come back on the podcast and give us some more insight from an insider in Manhattan on the many issues currently facing the athletic administration, notably the Weber situation and Schulz's departure.

The big boss Jon Morse dropped by to offer his insights as well, so this is definitely a podcast you won't want to miss. We even talked a little football, because spring practices start soon, you know.

Be sure to follow Tim on Twitter at @IamTimEverson and check out his work at the Collegian.

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