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Another Wildcat joins the Hall of Fame.

K-State great Bob Boozer was elected to the Hall of Fame, we check in on the QB battle for next season, and the BatCats drop another one.

Celebrate your newest Hall of Famer, Wilcats!
Celebrate your newest Hall of Famer, Wilcats!
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Basketball carried on, even as we lamented the state of K-State basketball, and because there was basketball last night we have Jon's beautiful recap of all the action.

Bob Boozer led Kansas State to the Final Four back in 1958, and followed that up by winning a gold medal in the 1960 Olympics. Yesterday, Boozer was elected to the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame. (AP via Fox Sports)

Boozer will join two other Wildcats in the Hall of Fame, which will take place on November 18 in Kansas City, while the CBE Hall of Fame Classic is being played. (Ken Corbitt, Capital Journal)

Hopefully remembering back to the Bob Boozer days will help you get through these next articles. When informed of Brad Underwood's hire at Oklahoma State, Former Wildcat Head Coach Frank Martin couldn't contain his excitement for his friend, saying that Underwood is a "program builder" and someone who is extremely passionate about Oklahoma State basketball. (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)

#Family is dead. Or at least that's the conclusion many K-State fans are left with based on the AD and President's reaction to the recent fan displeasure. (Timothy Everson, The Collegian)

In a new weekly feature on ESPN's Big 12 blog, the boys take time to debate who will get better QB play in 2016: Kansas State or West Virginia. (Jake Trotter and Brandon Chatmon,

It feels like Kansas State sold is sports soul for those three Big 12 titles back in 2012. Even the baseball team is suffering as the Wildcats dropped their fourth in a row Tuesday night. This time it was the Creighton Bluejays who took down the Cats, winning 5-4.(Tim Perera, World-Herald)