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BotC's Official 2016 Bracket Pick'em Contest!

It's that time again!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Hey y'all, we're back!! After a year hiatus we're ready to have some fun again (especially without a cat in the fight...). This year's Pick'em is for bragging rights only (but getting to lord your good luck over the rest of the commentariat for a whole year is pretty fun, right?).

As in year's past, SB Nation has partnered with Yahoo! Sports to run brackets through their Tourney Pick'em. Here is the direct link to the Bring on the Cats Official bracket challenge. The pool id# is 71181 and the group password is catbrackets1. Participation is free, you just need a Yahoo account (also free) to enter. Even though this is just for bragging rights, to keep things fair participants will be limited to one just one bracket in the pool.

Lets have some fun and friendly competition (that is based on something totally out of our control)! Good luck!!