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Kansas State inks first full soccer recruiting class, track heads to Lincoln

And now, Weekend Update with your anchor, Benevolent Despot.

Excited yet?
Excited yet?
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How is it that, when searching google in preparation to do the Slate by using the term "Kansas State", one comes across articles on Jayhawk sites where 80% of the comments are discussing what K-State fans are saying on message boards? I thought we were the ones obsessed with them?

Weird how that works.

Eric's recap of the disaster at Allen had to wait until morning, Jeff posted his awesome Visual Box Score of the game, and Luke chatted with Oklahoma writer Jordan Esco for this week's Bring on the Podcast.

Over in the FanShots, Gracey directs you to ksu_FAN's mid-season per-100 stats for K-State, and Bring on the Cats littered the airwaves yesterday as Gracey did her weekly spot on 04.1 in Emporia while JT joined Chris Solwecki on 1410 in Wichita to talk about National Signing Day.

The Star's Blair Kerkhoff says both sides were mad after Wednesday's game, although for entirely different reasons.

John Walker at OU Daily previews Saturday's contest against the Wildcats, completely with really weird headline. "Disband"?

Another foreign paper previewing a Saturday game against the Wildcats: Alec Gearty of the Daily Athenaum previews West Virginia's home tilt against the K-State women.

The Wildcats are already in Lincoln preparing for the start of the Sevigne Husker Invitational at the Bob Devaney Sports Center on the campuse of the University of Nebraska. The men's heptathlon and women's pentathlon begin during the lunch hour, with other events starting in the late afternoon. The competition concludes tomorrow. Joining the Wildcats and Huskers are Kansas, Texas Tech, Texas, Iowa State, UCLA, Arizona State, Auburn, Illinois, Colorado, and Missouri, among others.

Courtesy Nebraska, the heat sheets for Friday and Saturday. Live Stats should also be available, but the current link is a 404; check here later and maybe that will be fixed. This event will be televised, but not until February 13 on BTN.

K-State (2-1) opens the home schedule on Friday, taking on Colorado (3-2) at the Body First Wellness and Recreation Center. It's their only match this weekend.

Kelly McHugh-Stewart previews the match and talks about what's already transpired this season in today's Sports Extra.

We still don't have a Soccer header yet, which is unfortunate as today we've got the biggest news regarding K-State soccer since the announcement of the program itself. Mike Dibbini has lured 16 new recruits to Manhattan for the 2016 season. Over half the class come from outside Kansas or the Kansas City area, including goalkeeper Tania Chassot from Switzerland and Icelandic defender Steinunn Sigurjónsdóttir. Full bios at the link.