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Kansas at Kansas State: Open Game Thread

Remember, the real enemy wears a suit.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports
Sat, Feb 20, 2016
Bramlage Coliseum (12,528)
Manhattan KS
5:00 PM CT
(2) Kansas
(22-4, 10-3 Big 12)
at Kansas State
(15-11, 4-9 Big 12)

Yes, we're a bit late with this. Sorry. But join us for the Sunflower Showdown and let's see if K-State can maintain its dominance on its own turf against the bad guys from down the river.

Of course, the biggest drama of the day is already focused on what will happen if K-State should win... and let's be honest, that's just absurd. This should be about basketball, and everyone responsible for making it about something else should be mocked.

That means you, administration. And you, conference office. And probably even us, because we've certainly spent more time in comment-land discussing the issue than the game itself.

Speaking of the game itself, things are already not going wonderfully. Let's get settled in and see if the tides cam turn.