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Historical Reasons Why Kansas State Can Win at Kansas

Gracey explains, using history, why Wednesday's trip to Lawrence isn't a foregone conclusion.

Never let it be said that we're not academically sound here.
Never let it be said that we're not academically sound here.
Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

As Kansas State marches into enemy territory in Allen Fieldhouse, we must remember times where the underdog has taken on the absolutely impossible. We aren’t talking incredibly boring stories we all know like David and Goliath, we are talking stories that ACTUALLY HAPPENED!

Now, in a totally relatable and time-sensitive manner, let’s talk about some of the most well known battles where the underdog won in the end. These battles could have all been prevented with some serious subtweeting, @ing each other, outing each other’s sexual preferences and then taking a "we banged the same guy" selfie…However they happened in a time where Twitter didn’t exist. If you can wrap your head around that, join us as we talk about some incredibly not that long ago tales of underdogs winning that Kansas State could use to help fight the mighty Jayhawks.

Battle of Morgarten, 1315

See, I said not that long ago! Just add 701 years and it is basically the same time. So this battle was the result of headstrong Austrian Duke Leopold basically getting tired of the Swiss Confederacy’s crap. Kansas is tired of being beaten so badly in football each year, so they tell everyone to "wait until basketball season." So here we are. Waiting until basketball season.

Kansas State is harmless in basketball, much like the Swiss. We clearly enjoy holes in our offense and defense much like the Swiss enjoy holes in their cheese… so there’s that. Back to the battle, Duke/Princess Leopold thought he was slick with his 7,000+ men attacking the Swiss. Well, guess what? The much smaller, much less skilled Swiss ended up ambushing that Leopold guy and won the battle. I believe the actual details were much more intense and intricate, but this is basically a reason to hope that Kansas State could win this game in Allen Fieldhouse.

Battle of Stirling Bridge, 1297

FREEEEEEEEEEEDOMMMMMMMMMMMM cannot be spelled without "Bruce Weber."


Okay, maybe parts of Bruce Weber… like the R, the E and… yeah that is really it. This battle revolved around Mel Gibson’s character, William Wallace, fighting off the police while drunk the Earl of Surrey and his annoying army of people that were really bad. So in this battle Kansas State is William Wallace and clearly KU is the annoying guy with the annoying army, duh. Since Mel Gibson/William Wallace was a mastermind of warfare, as he also destroyed everyone in The Patriot, they waited for the pompous English army to get across the bridge and then attack everything. Coach Weber will probably draw on this strategy by allowing the Jayhawks to have a 30 point lead, and out of nowhere we will attack. So remain calm if you see this happening; it is all part of the plan. William Wallace won this battle and so will Bruce.

Battle of Muret, 1213

We might seem like we are getting further and further from things that have happened recently to indicate that Kansas State could win this game against the Jayhawks… and we are. That does not mean that we are hopeless as Kansas State fans. This simply means that it will take a giant miracle, such as the Battle of Muret, to make a victory in Allen Fieldhouse happen. This is a classic story of disagreements making people go nuts with anger and kill each other. In most situations I would say Kansas fans remind me more of the French, but not in this victorious tale from yesteryear. The French Crusaders were outnumbered completely in the battle that I have called "French Crusaders vs pretty much everyone else." While the French Crusaders lost 8/1500 people fighting… "everyone else" lost 18,000/30,000. I’m not good at numbers but I think in the case of French Crusaders (Kansas State) against everyone else (Kansas) that Kansas State won this classic underdog story.

What I am trying to get at with these relevant and plausible scenarios is that Kansas State has a chance. The chance might be incredibly small. The chance may be hiding under a bridge. The chance might be slim to none. The chance might even be cloaked in crippling fear of the Phog. However, as long as the underdog Wildcats are not forfeiting the game, there is always a chance to come out victorious against the mighty (only at home) Jayhawks.