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Go, Fight, You K-State Wildcats

If you’re in Houston, be sure and cheer for ALL your Wildcats

NCAA Football: Florida Atlantic at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a bowl game, a glorified exhibition. It’s a reward for two football teams for a winning season. Where they get to go practice and play in a (ususally) warmer locale than their home, get a bunch of free stuff, get to participate in fun events, and then, yeah, play a football game with the chance to cap their season off with a win that could boost them in to the next season.

That’s why we’re here in Houston. And you should cheer loud for your Kansas State Wildcats. These guys have earned it, they are worthy of praise and your loud screams in support of their efforts.

But don’t forget the other Wildcats here representing your Alma Mater (or your school of rooting choice).

The Kansas State University Marching Band, the Pride of Wildcatland, is here too. They’ve worked long and hard this season too, they had a good season too. They’re here, ready to be the single largest and cohesive block of dedicated rooting interest for your Wildcat football team. Those of you who were able to attend the pep rally yesterday know how excited these young men and women are to be here and cheer loud for a Wildcat victory.

Support them too. Stay for halftime (take your break before or after, trust me, the lines are shorter), watch their show and cheer loud for them when they are done. Halftime is just as much a competition for them, and showing up a band like The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band is a big deal, and would put a cap on the encore to the band’s Sudler Trophy winning season last year.

They’ll have a great show, and they worked their butts off for you, make sure you support them by watching.

And don’t forget the cheer squad. Make sure to thank them if you see them. They worked hard too this year. They stay active during the games, yelling and cheering and trying to keep the fans involved even when the team isn’t doing anything excited.

So remember, you’re here in Houston because the football team did well this season. But remember the other Wildcats who are here representing your school too. They deserve your support as well.

There is no coordinated Bring on the Cats activity in Houston (sorry, we just have the resources that some others do) but your very own JT VanGilder (me) will be in Houston for today’s game. If you’ve got anything fun going on, or want an appearance from your favorite* BOTC writer, then be sure and post in the comments. I’ll be checking until pretty close to game time.

Cheer loud, support your Cats, and Carry the Banner High!