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Movie Night with BotC

We’re bringing pop culture to the backwaters of Oklahoma, one film at a time.

A classic character from a classic film that some people have never seen.

Here at Bring on the Cats, we pride ourselves on many things, including our extreme nerdery with respect to pop culture. We may not be experts or even particularly good critics, but we are rabid consumers of most forms of entertainment.

Roundtable discussions at BotC World Headquarters sometimes end up on the topic of favorite movies. Recently, we decided it might be nice to wrap up the 2016 blog year with a list of our favorite movies in various genres: sports-themed films, westerns, musicals, sci-fi/fantasy, and well, you get the idea.

Since this is a sports blog, it only made sense to begin with sports-themed films. As we tried to compile a list of our favorite sports flicks (which included Necessary Roughness but not Rudy, for what it’s worth), we made a startling discovery that made us question everything we’ve ever known, including possibly the makeup of our editorial staff.

KSUEMAW!, resident BotC speeling champignon and apparent denizen of #GrewUpUnderARock, has never seen Caddyshack. Never seen Caddyshack. NEVER. SEEN. CADDYSHACK.

Let that sink in. Go on, take fifteen seconds—more!—to digest this almost unfathomable fact.

Done? Good. Now understand, it took us much longer to collect ourselves. We even had to poll Twitter to wrap our minds around this sordid business!

Suffice it to say that KSUEMAW! will be watching Caddyshack. He will also be regaling BotC with his thoughts on the movie, so stay tuned.

Also, brace yourselves, because Caddyshack is only one among an ever-growing list of must-see movies KSUEMAW! has never seen. How bad are his transgressions against Hollywood? Well...

Next up? KSUEMAW! watches a western. Or five.