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The K-State family mourns the loss of Kahari Lowery

Kahari Lowery, the son of assistant coach Chris Lowery passed away yesterday. Thoughts and prays from everyone at Bring on the Cats are with the Lowery family.

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

We start today’s slate off with something much more important than a game. Assistant Head Coach Chris Lowery lost his son, Kahari Malik Lowery yesterday. Kahari was born with cerebral palsy and fought through countless operations over 15 years. Please keep your thoughts with the Lowery family during this incredibly difficult time. And take a moment to read Vahe Gregorian’s incredible article, which chronicles Lowery’s devotion to his “Sweet Prince”.


Darren Sproles had a historic weekend, and Gracey Terrill recapped that for us.


James Love, freshman forward, was diagnosed with a broken foot and will miss the season. (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)


The offensive coaching staff showed last week it still had a few surprises in their bag, most notably by having Alex Delton run the offense for a few plays. (Ken Corbitt, Capital Journal)

Everyone who complains about the running back by committee will be surprised to learn that Bill Snyder agrees. (Kellis Robinett, KC Star)


Go Cubs Go!

Also, The Wildcats began their Fall World Series last night in an intra-squad match-up that pitted Team Lemke against Team Crimmins. Team Lemke won game one of the three game series, 14-2 in a shortened five-inning affair. Game two is scheduled for Thursday at 3 pm, and the final is scheduled for Sunday at 2 pm. Admission is free to the public. (