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Rebecca Sue Lake: Fan of The Week

Welcome back to the Fan of The Week post! We like to share as much purple pride on game day as possible, what better way than celebrating K-State fans! This week’s winner, Rebecca Sue Lake, shared a lovely photo with us and some more insight into her K-State pride! Check out her answers and photo below.

Why are you proud to be a Wildcat?

I'm proud to be a wildcat because the pride that EMAW nation has for their team. Win or lose K-State will always be a winning team in my book. They are a team with class led by a great leader.

What is your favorite game day tradition?

My favorite game tradition is to start the day off going to the Wildcat store.

Who is your favorite K-State player of past or present in any sport?

My favorite player: Tyler Lockett.

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We will be back on Monday with another chance for you to win Fan of The Week! Be sure to submit your photos on the Facebook post or in the comment section of the post on Monday. GO STATE!