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Bring on the PodCats with WRNL’s CyHawk

An editor from one of SB Nation’s most entertaining Big 12 blogs joins us to break down Iowa State and discuss trophy possibilities for Farmageddon.

NCAA Football: San Jose State at Iowa State
Allen Lazard is the Cyclone who should scare you the most at Farmageddon on Saturday.
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

It must take a good sense of humor to be an Iowa State fan, or maybe it’s just a requirement to write for Wide Right Natty Lite. Seriously, check out their story on Bill Snyder’s quest to become the first person alive for all three Cubs World Series titles. Either way, Bracket and I were happy to welcome CyHawk to the podcast to help us break down the Cyclones heading into Saturday’s game.

Of course, we also assessed the early work and future prospects of first-year coach Matt Campbell, who will try to break the odd spell Bill Snyder seems to have put on ISU to let them get so close and yet so far from winning each and every year. Finally, we gave the two schools some great ideas for the trophy Farmageddon so richly deserves.

Be sure to check out the work of CyHawk and others at WRNL and you can follow him on Twitter at @CyHawkWRNL.

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