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College football is weird, and yesterday, it was at its weirdest

It’s been a weird season, but Week 5 was full of extra madness

Now that we’ve all had time to mourn yesterday’s loss, can we take a minute and look back at a CRAZY weekend of college football?

First of all, Mack Brown left. He was the color analyst for the BYU-Toledo game on ESPN2 Friday night until he wasn’t, leaving play-by-play announcer Adam Amin and sideline reporter Molly McGrath to pick up the slack. Apparently he had to catch a flight to Bristol to do studio work for the Saturday games. So, Amin went solo with assistance from McGrath, and the game carried on into the wee hours of the morning, as Pacific Time games typically do.

Then Saturday, just look at what Jim Harbaugh gone and done. When I first saw this last night on Twitter, I thought it was a Photoshop. Holy weird. Only Harbaugh.

Also this happened:

And this:

In fact, college kickers were blocked or just plain missed a metric-ton of extra points yesterday. Or at least that’s how it felt.

Washington State earned itself a winning streak (two games is a winning streak, right?) over Oregon late last night with a... weird game. Look at this box score really close, then think about who coaches at Washington State:

That’s right: A Mike Leach-coached team ran for 280 yards. The Cougars ran the ball 40 times to Oregon’s 37. Seven yards per rush! Washington State only threw the ball eight more times than they ran it! Balance? Leach?? What?!

While we’re on the subject of weird offenses, LSU set a new record for offensive yards in an SEC game yesterday with 634. Quite the debut for Ed Orgeron, who just six days ago, reportedly fired embattled former offensive coordinator Cam Cameron upon taking over for fired head coach Les Miles. LSU is weird, y’all.

Michigan State is also weird. Are they good? Who knows? But right now, it sure doesn’t look like it. Sparty led Indiana by 14 yesterday but let the Hoosiers score 21 unanswered in the second half, then had to score to force overtime, THEN missed a field goal, THEN Indiana missed a field goal, but was given another chance thanks to a “leaping penalty.” The Hoosiers made the second try and claimed the Old Brass Spitoon for the first time in 10 years.

Oh, and let’s not forget the marquee games of the day. Remember last week when Auburn played LSU and we all thought LSU won and all the Tiger fans celebrated, then it turned out Auburn won, so all the Tiger fans celebrated? Well, that same thing sorta kinda happened yesterday, except with way more drama and way less mascot confusion.

Tennessee and Georgia met between the hedges, and Georgia fans rejoiced when Bulldog quarterback Jacob Eason hit Riley Ridley with a 47-yard bomb to give Georgia a 31-28 lead with 10 seconds left to play. But THEN, Tennessee’s Evan Berry returned the kickoff back into Bulldog territory to the 43, and Joshua Dobbs launched a prayer into the end zone, answered by Jauan Jennings, who leaped above a pack of Georgia defenders to snatch the ball and secure the win. Apparently, Jennings is a basketball player, which makes sense:

Then there was the marquee game of the day, Louisville at Clemson. This whole game was wacky, and if you didn’t see it live, you should find a way to watch the replay immediately. Now. I’ll wait.

Wasn’t that NUTS!

Did you see the part where there were back-to-back-to-back turnovers? Insane, right?

Well, if you didn’t watch it, there were really back-to-back-to-back turnovers. Lamar Jackson threw an interception, then Deshaun Watson fumbled, then Louisville’s Brandon Radcliffe fumbled to give Clemson the ball and set up a touchdown.

Then, the game ended. But it wasn’t a normal ending. It was weird because college football is weird and weird things happen.

As you can see on the graphic, it was 4th and 12. Louisville receiver James Quick clearly couldn’t see the digital yellow line marking the first-down spot. And Louisville lost, just like that.

It was a strange weekend, filled to the brim with madness and insanity. And, really, it’s been a strange season, and things might go crazier before it’s all over. So, take solice, my friends. Though K-State sits at 2-2 with a pretty rough schedule ahead, no matter how it turns out, college football will be there to keep us utterly confused as to what just happened before our eyes.