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K-State Men's Basketball Grabs A Win.

Kansas State won for this first time in Big 12 play this season.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Relive last night's victory over Texas Tech by perusing the game thread presented by Jon Morse.

Barry Brown continued his impressive Big 12 play as he came off the bench to provide 15 points in Kansas State's 83-70 victor over Texas Tech. (Kellis Robinett, KC Star)

Our sister blog, Viva the Matadors, has a nice recap from last night's game. Look for our own Eric Rubottom's recap later today. (Eric Linthicum, Viva the Matadors)

Carlbe Ervin received praise from Bruce Weber for his quiet, yet stabilizing play last night. (Kellis Robinett, KC Star)

Finally, here's video of last night's post game presser, and the game's box score. (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)