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Bill Snyder to return and coach Kansas State football in 2016

The greatest coach in Kansas State University history will return to the sidelines again next season - his 25th.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

After questions swirled for the past few months, the answer is set in limestone: Bill Snyder will once again return to coach the Kansas State Wildcats in 2016.

"Following our bowl game against Arkansas, I had a chance to visit with my family, and they collectively wanted me to do what I wanted to do and none were against my decision to return as long as I am having a positive impact on the young people in our program, my health is in order and as long as I am wanted by the University and the wonderful Kansas State fan base," Snyder said, in a release from the school.

"We are all grateful for the incredible leadership of Coach Snyder, and I was delighted when he affirmed to me that he plans to continue," Athletics Director John Currie said. "We look forward to him leading the Wildcats into Palo Alto for our 2016 opener on September 2."

Of course, this means the legendary coach will take a shot at winning 200 games, with his current record at 193-101-1.