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Kansas State FB/TE Glenn Gronkowski signs with Bills as free agent, per his Twitter

Passed over in the draft, the former Cat moves quickly.

He didn't get drafted, but he probably just got his dream job.
He didn't get drafted, but he probably just got his dream job.
Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Glenn Gronkowski bypassed his final year of eligibility to take a shot at the NFL Draft in a year when he was widely considered the best player at his position, rather than waiting until 2017 when he'd have been shuffled down the board a few spots.

It didn't matter, because Glenn Gronkowski is a fullback and the NFL doesn't seem to have any use for them.

Still, Baby Gronk's work at converting to a hybrid H-Back may serve him well, as he appears to be joining the Buffalo Bills as an undrafted free agent, per his own Twitter feed:

As he says, he's staying home; he grew up right there in the Buffalo suburbs. Now we'll just have to see what Rex Ryan does with him. He also got some congrats from That Other Gronk.

Glenn moved quickly; his signing was one of the first two dozen or so to be revealed in the UDFA chaos which ensues after every draft. For more: Alex Reimer at SB Nation has a detailed report, and our own Gracey Terrill previewed Gronk prior to the draft.