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2016 NFL Draft: Kansas State OL Cody Whitehair selected 56th overall by the Chicago Bears

K-State's draft streak officially extends to a Big 12-leading 23 years.

Hey, Cody! Welcome to the National. Football. League.
Hey, Cody! Welcome to the National. Football. League.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

For the 23rd consecutive year, best in the Big 12 Conference and a longer streak than such schools as Alabama and Ohio State, Kansas State is on the NFL draft board. With the 25th pick in the second round, 56th overall, the Chicago Bears selected Wildcat offensive lineman Cody Whitehair. Whitehair becomes the thirteenth Wildcat ever taken in the second round, joining Corky Taylor (taken in 1955, the only Wildcat second-rounder not recruited and coached by Bill Snyder), Thomas Randolph, Barrett Brooks, Kevin Lockett, Todd Weiner, Darren Howard, Quincy Morgan, Jon McGraw, Terry Pierce, Jordy Nelson, Daniel Thomas, and Arthur Brown.

(One third-rounder was actually selected higher overall than Whitehair; the then-Boston Redskins took back Maurice Elder in 1937, but the small size of the league meant that Elder was taken 26th overall.)

Whitehair is the ninth Wildcat selected by the Bears. Chicago took back Jack Bortka in 1944 and end Mike Vargon a year later, and end Rollin Prather in 1950. Punter Bob Coble was selected in 1969 and tackle Lynn Larson in 1970, with defensive back Barton Hundley chosen in 1986; all but Prather (7th round) and Larson (fourth) were taken in double-digit rounds which no longer exist. More recently, the Bears picked running back Frank Murphy in the sixth round in 2000 and defensive back Josh Moore as a fifth-rounder in 2010. Whitehair is thus the Bears' highest selection of a former Wildcat.

Stay tuned for further updates on this selection.