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Where will Kansas State players go in the NFL Draft?

We review the various mock drafts around the web to try and get an idea of where your favorite Wildcat players will be drafted.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The first round of the NFL draft kicks off tonight at 7 p.m. and Kansas State fans are hoping the Wildcats 22 year streak of having a player drafted continues. Let's take a look at which former K-State players have the best chance at extending the streak, and where they might be drafted.

Cody Whitehair, G

Cody Whitehair is one of the best guards in the draft. JT broke down Whitehair's appeal to NFL teams, and while the draft experts are all over the board on when he'll be drafted they all seem to agree that Whitehair will bring incredible value to whatever team is lucky enough to select him.

What the Mock Drafts Say:

Mel Kiper's Mock Draft ($): Denver Broncos- First Round pick 31.

One area of weakness for the Broncos last season was on the offensive line, and by picking Whitehair in the first round the Broncos would get a player who could provide much needed help.

Peter Schrager's Mock Draft: San Francisco- Second Round pick 37

New 49er's head coach Chip Kelly loves to run an uptempo offense, and while Whitehair played on one of the slowest offensive teams in college, his versatility to play multiple on the offensive line makes him a valuable asset on a face-paced offense.

SBNation NFL Mock Draft: San Diego- Second Round pick 35

This is another pick where Whitehair's versatility shines, as John Gennaro of Bolts from the Blue tabs Whitehair in the second round to play center for a Charger team desperate for talent on their offensive line.

Glenn Gronkowski, FB

Baby Gronk is widely regarded as either the top one or two full backs in the NFL draft. As sprotsGAT mentions in her breakdown of Gronkowski's, his draft position can vary anywhere from the third round to undrafted free agent. Such is the life of a fullback in the modern day NFL.

What the Mock Drafts Say:

Peter Schrager's Mock Draft: Seattle- Round six pick 215

Baby Gronk joins fellow Wildcat Tyler Lockett in the Pacific Northwest with this pick. Gronk would be a valuable asset both blocking for a running QB in Russell Wilson and being a safety value in the passing game. Seattle has run a few "POP pass" type plays in previous seasons and given Gronkowski's ability to turn those passes into big gains at Kansas State the choice of Baby Gronk makes a ton of sense for the Seahawks. has Gronkowski with a 6th round projection, while has him graded as an Undrafted Free Agent.

Morgan Burns, CB

Burns is the only other Wildcat getting any hype as an NFL draft pick, as he's graded as a six or seventh round pick by, and Personally, I would be surprised if anyone other than Whitehair and Gronkowski go in the draft, but surprises have happened before (hello there, Bryce Brown). Check out JT's preview of potential K-State undrafted free agents, and stay tuned for recaps of which teams pick up former Wildcats during the draft, and in free agency.