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Missouri State at Kansas State: Open Game Thread

Hopefully the rain doesn’t make this a sloppy affair.

NCAA Football: Florida Atlantic at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Heavy rain and thunderstorms are predicted for tonight’s affair. Hopefully we get a reprieve from mother nature for a night because there are still questions about this team that need answered.

The biggest questions still surround the Wildcat offense and starting QB Jesse Ertz. The rapid nature of the blowout last week, coupled with a dominating defensive effort, meant the offense did not need to do much work to score on several occasions.

One play drives do not make for many reps or much experience, even if they end in touchdowns.

A big blowout did allow for a lot of work on the ground, and we got to see plenty of Dalvin Warmack and Alex Barnes late. If the rain comes heavy to Manhattan, we could again see a lack of passing and a heavy use of the run offense. And while that may finally help Bill Snyder sort out his running back battle, it will do little to help Jesse Ertz and his receiver corps gain some valuable repetitions before Big 12 play beings next week.

But, alas, we’ll get what we can take, and hopefully the Cats will send the Bears back to Missouri with their first loss of the season.

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Go Cats!!