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Halftime: Kansas State 10, TCU 6

B1G invites expected soon.

DID YOU KNOW: Bill Snyder was Gary Patterson’s mentor when they never worked together.
DID YOU KNOW: Bill Snyder was Gary Patterson’s mentor when they never worked together.
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

In a first half which was fundamentally indistinguishable from a Big Ten game, the Kansas State Wildcats enter halftime with a 10-6 lead over the TCU Horned Frogs in Fort Worth.

Inexplicably, this game has been a ground-pounding punt-fest. The Wildcat defense has been nails, holding TCU — who started Foster Sawyer at quarterback rather than Kenny Hill — to two field goals. K-State has run the ball very well, and a terrible Winston Dimel fumble while the Cats were blasting their way downfield may be the difference between 10-6 and 17-3.

K-State already has 192 yards rushing, 95 from Jesse Ertz (who scored on a 32-yard run) and 64 from Justin Silmon. Silmon, doing his best to impersonate Alex Barnes, would have more but for Deante Burton, whose holding penalty lopped 11 yards off a 46-yard romp which preceded Ertz’s touchdown by two plays.

That’s right, K-State had two 30-plus yard runs in the space of three plays on the TCU defense. Woof.

Barnes has been completely absent, almost certainly a result of injuries last week. No other explanation makes sense.

Things to watch in the second half: Jordan Willis and Carmeachealle Moore both suffered some damage in the first half, so they may not be 100%. TCU will have to make some defensive adjustments to stop K-State’s ground game, which is approaching eight yards a pop. They’re also going to have to figure something out on offense, because not only are the Cats stuffing the run, but they’re playing inspired pass defense as well. TCU has only thrown for 86 yards, which is mind-boggling.

Time for one last half of football before we put the 2016 regular season to bed. Let’s git ‘er done, Cats.