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Halftime: Kansas State 20, Kansas 3

The defense is putting on a circus act.

Jesse Ertz is putting on a bit of a show, too.
Jesse Ertz is putting on a bit of a show, too.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

A dazzling array of huge defensive plays, and the legs of Jesse Ertz, have K-State staked to a 17-point halftime lead as the Cats are up 20-3 on the baffled Jayhawks.

Ertz has 99 yards on the ground on 12 carries, and 59 in the air on only six attempts. Donovan Starks had a pick-six and Elijah Lee tallied an interception after Craig Settles — fresh off a sack — batted a pass at the line. And those three facts sum up the half pretty clearly.

Alex Barnes has added 42 on 4 touches, getting his customary second-quarter entry into the fray. But he had to step out of the game after a controversial non-call when Mike Lee plowed Barnes out of bounds helmet-to-helmet... on a play where Winston Dimel was called for holding, exacerbating the problem.

The defense has been everywhere. Linemen Will Geary and C.J. Reese both almost had interceptions after batting down passes at the line. KU really hasn’t done anything since the opening drive, and even that only resulted in three.

Second-half time. Let’s go get ‘em.