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Halftime: Baylor 14, Kansas State 7, Eyeballs -100000

This is the worst half of football your benevolent despot has ever witnessed.

This goal-line fumble is why K-State isn’t losing.
This goal-line fumble is why K-State isn’t losing.
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Against a Baylor team which doesn’t care, led by a freshman quarterback who is the very definition of a freshman quarterback, Kansas State somehow managed to head into the locker room trailing by a touchdown.

The defense played well, stopping a Baylor drive at the one-yard line on a fumble; the offense needs a diaper change, the special teams need a good talking to, and everyone needs to learn to stop committing stupid penalties. They’d better get all this taken care of in the locker room, because Zach Smith is starting to figure out how to play football.

Jesse Ertz has been infuriating. We can’t avoid this, even though we hate blasting players. He’s taken two stupid sacks, one of which took K-State out of field goal range. He fumbled on third-and-long with 42 seconds left in the half, giving Baylor a chance to get into field goal range. In between, he somehow managed to escape a sack and ramble 40 yards, setting up a Winston Dimel wildcat touchdown.


Wildcats get the ball to start the second half. Assuming Baylor doesn’t go onside, because god knows we’re suceptible to that. See you in ninety.