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Texas Tech at Kansas State: Open Game Thread

Prolific offense versus prolific defense. Could be interesting.

NCAA Football: Kansas State at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Last week’s game in Morgantown was supposed to be a barometer, giving us the mostly final answered we needed to decode the rest of the season.

Except it wasn’t. And as we head in to tonight’s matchup with the Red Raiders of Texas Tech, we still have many of the same questions, and some new ones, that we had going in to last week.

Can the offense score, or even move the ball against a Big 12 defense? Incomplete (oh, puns) and not likely to get truly answered against the sieve TTU puts on the field and calls a defense.
Can the defense control a Big 12 offense? Probably yes. Even without Pat Mahomes, this is likely to be the most explosive and balanced offense K-State will face all year, but the Cats held the Mountaineers well below their season average.
Can this team still win 7 or 8 games? Maybe, a win today sure makes that possible, at the very least keeping the Cats on the right side of the bubble. A loss sends this team spiraling in to misery.
Can the booth get the play in on time? History says that K-State gets better with that as the season goes along, and being at home significantly helps communication, so it can’t be worse, right?

We’ll have 40 minutes of game action to hopefully some of this, but this game will be far less of a barometer than last weeks game should have been. At the very least, we should get a final answer on the defense.

Be sure to hit our pregame content, including the How to Watch post for all your vital media information, TB’s preview for equally vital on-field information, and PurpleBrunette/KSUEMAW’s look at the Injury Report for tonight’s action at Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium.

For those of you at the game in Manhattan, enjoy the beautiful fall weather this evening. Cheer loud!

Go Cats!!