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Halftime: Kansas State 13, West Virginia 0

This is not Big 12 football.

Elijah Lee set up the ‘Cats first score.
Elijah Lee set up the ‘Cats first score.
Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

An interception. A fourth-down stop. Holding the opposing QB to less than seven yards per pass attempt. Giving up only 43 yards on the ground.

If you have any questions about the Wildcat defense, they’re getting answered this afternoon as K-State lugs a 13-0 lead into the locker room at Milan Puskar Stadium in Morgantown. The offense? Well, get back to us later on that. Jesse Ertz has been overthrowing all afternoon, but when he throws at someone he’s nails.

The Wildcats have a 2-yard Ertz touchdown run and a pair of Matt McCrane field goals, and West Virginia has frustration and anger. Offensively, Byron Pringle and Dalvin Warmack have provided most of the spark. A chance to extend the lead to 16-0 was ruined by an intentional grounding call on Ertz with four seconds left in the half.

Even with the offensive issues, K-State is beating West Virginia physically going both ways. The Mountaineers are getting pressure on Ertz, but they haven’t even really threatened a sack so far. Some more patience on the part of the young QB could pay second-half dividends.

We’ll be back post-game with a full recap; meanwhile, pop a cold one and join us for the second half.