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Kansas State Band Has the Starship Blues

Fallout from the halftime performance continues, and the Wildcats talk UTSA

A Kansas State band member holding the Starship Enterprise.
A Kansas State band member holding the Starship Enterprise.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Band-gate 2015 spilled over from the weekend in a big way. Curtis Kitchen busted out his weekly thoughts including commentary from a sporting event that occurred around the same time of the band performance. TB dropped the bad news of the day but put a wet blanket on some false rumors lobbied against our in-state foes. William Shatner gives his two cents on three-dimensional shapes depicted by hundreds of moving people on a two-dimensional plane, and Dr. Tracz gives his first public interview since the incident.

In football news, Jon presents us the week two top 25 AP and Coaches polls, then he and Luke Thompson discuss only the finest of week two games.

For the second year in a row, the Roadrunners of UTSA put up a good fight against our Wildcat brethren of the Copper State, and that did not go unnoticed by the purple Cats. UTSA put up 525 yards on Arizona, using a well-rounded attack with a large arial focus on TE David Morgan (Kellis Robinett, KC Star).

To add to the difficulty of defending Morgan, the Roadrunners also managed to gain 193 yards on the ground against an athletic defense (Jerry Briggs, San Antonio Express-News). UTSA's up-tempo offense will not only provide a good warm-up for the Big 12, but also provides a challenge in of itself, which is something not typically seen in non-conference schedules of the recent past.

And to put a nice little bow on the Wednesday slate, Tom Fornelli of CBS Sports finds ten things to make fun of from Saturday. Yes, band-gate is one of them.