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K-State band sanctions not the result of formal KU complaint

K-State has announced internal sanctions against its band and Dr. Frank Tracz. These sanctions did not result from a formal complaint filed by the University of Kansas.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

K-State has announced official sanctions against Dr. Frank Tracz, director of bands, and the K-State Marching Band. Tuesday morning, a rumor circulated that the University of Kansas had filed a formal complaint with the Big 12 Conference regarding the band show.

KU associate athletics director Jim Marchiony denied this in a phone call on Tuesday morning.

"The University of Kansas did not, and does not intend to, file a complaint with the Big 12," Marchiony said. "This is a K-State issue and we want it to remain that way.

Neither Rob Carolla, director of communications for the Big 12 Conference, nor Kenny Lannou, associate athletic director for communications at K-State, returned phone calls requesting comment.