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Nobody cared about the K-State band story? Um, no.

Many people had interest in this thing - from the KSU administration to fans to the real Captain Kirk himself.

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Since Saturday, I've listened to more theories on spaceship structure than I care to admit.

- I've also heard how soooo many people are tired of hearing "band," and it's only a small group of people who kept making the story bigger than it was.

- To those of you to whom that applies ...

- It's time to band together and stand in formation against all this band talk being bandied about.

- And to put a Band-Aid on silly indignation and sensitivities.

- Nobody cared, you say?

- The Bring On The Cats website set some personal traffic records for visits and people and things, in some instances doing a month's worth of work in a matter of hours.

- But, no, nobody was interested.

- Look, I'm personally not sold the formation was wholly devoid of some intent by someone, but had it been a full rivalry-based dig at KU, the Enterprise formation would have been called something like "the Sherron."

-  And the Jayhawk would have been strangly shaped to resemble an elevator.

- That would have been a shot below the rivalry belt.

- But, seeing as how none of that happened...

- It's a darn shame the K-State administration - hi, President Kirk Schultz and Athletics Director John Currie - felt the need to forbid Professor of Music & Director of Bands Frank Tracz from speaking about what exactly did take place.

- My goodness, gentlemen. Overreact much?

- Make me wonder what Frank might have said much?

- Make me wonder what you hope silence will smother much?

- I wonder if Joe Hubener can learn to add just a schoch of touch to his passes.

- If so, the Wildcats offense may not be too shabby.

Panjandrum's piece on offensive comparables provided a lot of food for thought.

- He talked about the Kansas State Wildcats depth ... so, on that front, consider this:

- Starting QB is hurt first play from scrimmage; star corner Danzel McDaniel doesn't play; star-in-the-making safety Dante Barnett gets injured during the game; offense leaves at least 21 points on the field. And ...

- Shutout victory.

- Was South Dakota good? Not really.

- But, there are a lot of games in the past, and not all that long ago, where K-State could have been in an uncomfortably close game against that kind of team if faced with similar circumstances.

- This group feels like it could have at least a couple of special moments in it this season.

- Almost as special as the band's performance boldly going where no KSU performance has gone before ...

- All the way to ... William Shatner?!?

- Now that we're here, can someone beam the man, who isn't a stranger to K-State's world, to Manhattan again this year?

- And ... I dunno ... maybe lead the band?