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News From the Enemy Camp

An Oklahoma State centered slate today.

Hug it out.
Hug it out.
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Bracket breaks down this week's depth chart and digs into the meaning behind it all, or at least the offensive side of the ball.

Jon and Luke do what Jon and Luke do best and entertain picking some football games, and possibly start a stampede somewhere in the Nevada desert.

As you may have heard, Oklahoma State played and won a less than perfect game last weekend against Texas. Part of that imperfection came from Oklahoma State QB Mason Rudolph, who threw two picks and lost a fumble. Offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich's keys to preventing another near-miss are getting the run game going and cleaning up the mistakes of the offense as a whole.

In his never ending quest for learning, Bill Haisten of the Tulsa World used five numbers to gain insight into the world of the Kansas State Wildcats.