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Week Four Thursday/Friday College Football TV Schedule

The midweek schedule is light, but has a historical first.

True story: all the best D-III teams wear purple.
True story: all the best D-III teams wear purple.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

There are only three games televised on Thursday and Friday this week, plus one airing on ESPN3. But that one is of major significance in a historical sense. First, though, we'll discuss the other three.

Thursday night, Cincinnati visits Memphis and we'll finally start to get a clearer picture as to just how good the Tigers, now riding a 10-game winning streak, really are. Friday's action is mostly snooze-worthy, as Boise and Stanford should easily handle Virginia and Oregon State.

But that other game on Thursday? The one on ESPN3?

Wisconsin-Whitewater is the consensus #1 team in Division III. Morningside is the #1 team in the NAIA. And they're running headlong into one another, the first time it's ever happened as far as we're able to determine. It's an interesting matchup; Whitewater is about 140 places higher in the Massey Ratings than Morningside, and has previously handled NAIA and D-II competition without really overexerting themselves. But on the other hand, Whitewater's never played a top-10 NAIA team and the top teams in the NAIA are actually right around the level of a fringe Division II playoff contender. Further, it's still so early in the season that computer rankings are volatile, especially as regards teams from different divisions. There's really no telling how this one will play out, but it should be interesting and cool, at the very least.

And as a bonus? If you've got ESPN3, you can at least catch the first half-hour of that game without interfering with your Cincinnati-Memphis designs.

Here's the Thursday-Friday schedule, and stay tuned tomorrow for the full Saturday listings.

Thu, Sept 24, 2015
6:00 PM CT
(1 D-III) 3-0
at Morningside
(1 NAIA) 3-0
6:30 PM CT
at (rv) Memphis
Fri, Sept 25, 2015
7:00 PM CT
(rv) Boise State
at Virginia
9:00 PM CT
(21) Stanford
at Oregon State