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Jesse Ertz Named Kansas State Starting Quarterback

The decision of all K-State quarterback decisions has been reached.

A rare photographical glimpse of our newly minted starting quarterback
A rare photographical glimpse of our newly minted starting quarterback
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Jon informs us of the staff's Big 12 week 11 picks and the Big South/Sun Belt conferences, Tuesday FEPO is alive and well again, and Bracket gives you the depth chart rundown, as well as Kaleb Prewitt's player profile.

We have a starting quarterback for week one. Yesterday at his weekly press conference, Bill Snyder announced that Jesse Ertz will take the first snap of the 2015 season against the Coyotes of South Dakota. (Ken Corbitt, Topeka Capital Journal)

The ESPN blog introduces the worldwide world of sports to our new starting quarterback, firing off five fun facts from his athletic career and lack thereof at the collegiate level.

Even though Ertz is the man, Hubener and Delton will hopefully get the opportunity to show their stuff this weekend as well. Jonathan Banks, however, will be watching the season from the sidelines after finishing fourth in the quarterback competition. (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)

Ken Corbitt spends his weekly K-State Notebook mostly on thoughts from the depth chart, including the fact that Winston Dimel is giving Purple Gronk a run for his money at fullback. (Topeka Capital Journal)

Bodily injury is a cruel mistress. Last week, the Basketball Cats gained DJ Johnson from her feeble grasp, but this week the career of junior Brandon Bolden was was cut short due to the broken wrist he sustained last season. He will remain on scholarship to finish his degree. (Kellis Robinett, KC Star)