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Second Half Open Thread: Louisiana Tech 10, Kansas State 6

I'm typing with one hand, because I'm holding my nose with the other.

A thing we did not see in the first half.
A thing we did not see in the first half.
Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

There is very little to say about the first half that you can't just repeat from every first half this year and in 2013 and in 2010 and any other year where Kansas State's offense drives Wildcat fans to tears. The Wildcats trail Louisiana Tech 10-6 heading into the half.

Dropped passes. Failed trips to the red zone. The defense keeping K-State in the game (despite finally, after 145 minutes, giving up their first touchdown of the season on a Jeff Driskel naked bootleg).

The defense really has played well. Kenneth Dixon has been utterly shut down. Driskel is not comfortable in the pocket. Although the defense did finally allow that touchdown (on a 4th-and-goal from about the one-foot line after holding out for three plays), they also had a successful goal-line stand on Louisiana Tech's first possession, which ended with a missed field goal.

Your offensive hero of the first half is Jack Cantele, responsible for all six Wildcat points. Justin Silmon looked good on K-State's most successful drive, and then disappeared in favor of Charles Jones. Jones, except for one 13-yard run where he actually RAN instead of trying to dance, looked like Charles Jones.

Here's your second half thread, and we can only hope that K-State plays in the second half like they have the first two weeks. Because they sure played the first half like they did in those two games.