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Louisiana Tech at Kansas State: Open Game Thread

Pray for Hubes.

Please don't let him get hurt. That's all we ask.
Please don't let him get hurt. That's all we ask.
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports
Sat, Sep 19, 2015

2:00 PM CT
Louisiana Tech
(1-1, 0-1 CUSA)
at (rv) Kansas State
(2-0, 0-0 Big 12)

Where: Manhattan, KS | Bill Snyder Family Stadium (50,000)

Media: 1350 KMAN | FOX Sports Net

K-State/UTSA Storystream

We hope you all have your prayer beads handy, because the Wildcat season now appears to hinge on one thing: keeping Joe Hubener in one piece.

Last week, the team showed us a lot, and as long as nobody else important gets hurt the Wildcats may well have another one of those "How'd they do that?" seasons. But with well-sourced rumors regarding Alex Delton and others indicating Dante Barnett may be out until mid-October, the 2015 season looks very much like it could go very, very well... or very, very not.

Be sure to visit the storystream if you missed any of our pre-game coverage, including a Q&A with Louisiana Tech writer Jason Jones, Luke's podcast with a guest appearance from Tech's Associate Athletic Communications Director Patrick Walsh, TB's game preview, the injury report, and the How to Watch post. After that, buckle your seatbelts, because we're one hit away from disaster.

But hey! EMAW!