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Kansas State Injury Report: Week 2

Week one had very few injuries. Week two is a completely different story.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports
Week two was a much more challenging week in regard to injuries compared to week one. Both Jesse Ertz and Dante Barnett suffered injuries, though one appears significantly worse than the other.

Kansas State

Boston Stiverson (OL)- leg.

Stiverson didn't play last Saturday again South Dakota. My guess is he is on the mend but the coaching staff is taking it slow so as not to re-injure his surgically repaired leg. Expect Terrale Johnson to again start in place of Stiverson.

Jesse Ertz (QB)-Leg

Jesse Ertz hurt his leg on the first play from scrimmage last Saturday against the South Dakota Coyotes. While Bill Snyder hasn't confirmed the extent of the injury he did acknowledge that Ertz will miss a decent amount of time. He even went so far as to suggest a medical red-shirt might be in the cards for Ertz. That leads me to believe Ertz suffered something similar to a torn ACL like he did in high school. We, obviously, have no way of knowing for sure his exact injury, but whatever it is, I would be shocked if he saw the field again this season.

Dante Barnett (S)-Shoulder

Late in the first half against South Dakota, Barnett was injured while completing a tackle. It appears he may have injured his shoulder, possibly a dislocation. Whatever the exact shoulder injury, Barnett did not play in the second half, and his status is questionable for the game against UTSA.

University of Texas San-Antonio

We do not have any major injuries for the Roadrunners.