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Bring on the Podcast with Bob Lutz

The Wichita Eagle's senior columnist says it's not smart to bet against Bill Snyder, even if K-State offense still has plenty of questions to answer.

Betting against this man is rarely a good idea.
Betting against this man is rarely a good idea.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The media picked Kansas State to finish seventh in the Big 12 this season, but they didn't ask Bob Lutz. The Eagle's esteemed longtime sports columnist doesn't have the answers for who will be the breakout stars needed to lead an unproven 'Cats offense, or whether this defense will live up to the hype, but he says Bill Snyder has earned the benefit of the doubt. We also spoke a bit about Bill Snyder's future, as well as how disappointing it is that Kansas State basketball doesn't play Wichita State.

Editor's note: I apologize to our readers, and especially to Bob, for the poor sound quality of this podcast. We do not have the most sophisticated podcast recording/editing tools, and I may have made a mistake in the positioning of the phone as we were talking to Bob and recording on my laptop. Please bear with us this week and we'll try to do better in the future. Thanks.

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