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Kansas State Swag: The Vanier Football Complex Tour.

On Tuesday, Kansas State players got their first glimpse of the Vanier Football Complex. The verdict? Amazing!

This is going to look a little different this coming fall.
This is going to look a little different this coming fall.
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Back on December 5th, 2014, demolition of the Vanier Football Complex began. The renderings of the new complex had been circulating for months, and the new facilities were to be updated into a state of the art football complex, including new locker rooms, weight rooms, an incline hill, and a huge aquatic rehabfacility. Today, Kansas State players and via the rest of us, got a tour of the new Vanier Football Complex. Let's check out some of the highlights!

For comparisons sake here's a picture of the old Vanier Complex prior to demolition.

And now the new facility:

I love the look of the new locker room. Check out the center circle where the 16 goals are inscribed around the Powercat emblem. Here's a better view:

Then there's the new weight room, which looks absolutely massive!

Stanton Weber also showcased some of the new amenities including the Gatorade bar and back lit lockers.

Finally, I bring you to the grand finale of our tour through the new Vanier Complex. The video K-State sports posted to their twitter page. Take a break from work and ooh and aah over the new Complex, I'll wait.

I love the entry into the Complex. It reminds me of Oregon's locker room facility, only not nearly as excessive (seriously Phil Knight is your eyesight so bad you needed 64 55" tv's? Just go to the Optometrist's is much less expensive).

Then we get another look at the Gatorade bar. Seriously, I love the Gatorade bar. Yes, I'm sure the football players could always get free Gatorade, but when you put it in something that looks as good as that bar, well it makes it even cooler. The entry to the field walk also got a huge face lift, and I love the purple neon lights in the tunnel. Actually, I think the lighting inside the facility might be the best part. It helps set the tone that the whole building is state-of-the-art. Between this and the West Stadium Center, the athletic department has set Kansas State football up with facilities that rank among the best in the country.

Can you imagine running out of that with the smoke billowing around you, Crazy Train blaring throughout the stadium, and 50,000 Wildcat faithful in full throat? I think I just got goosebumps.