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Kansas State Fall Practice Starts Today

Football season "begins", marvel at the newly opened Vanier Complex, and a bittersweet victory for justice.

'Bout that time again, folks.
'Bout that time again, folks.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday's preseason conditioning post from Jon gets your KU rage brain cells up and at 'em, Bracket gives Justin Silmon the birthday present of a lifetime, and also dishes Justin Hughes some sweet internet fame in the form of his very own article.

It's officially football season, folks. The players are in town and practice starts today, so to get you caught up to speed on what you should be worrying about, Kellis Robinett gives you five questions that the team carries with them into fall camp.

Morgan Burns spoke at the media days of the importance of having a short memory as a cornerback and Ken Corbitt dissects his words and displays them for your reading pleasure.

And if the start of football practice isn't exciting enough, the Vanier Complex is officially operational, and may I say it looks stunning. Not to mention the 3D renditions were spot on. Also just as thrilling (for all you engineers and accountants out there), the project finished early and under budget.

In much more somber news, the killers of former cornerback David Garrett have been indicted.