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Future K-State Coach Downs Bison


It's a crime there's no photos of Stitt on SB Nation.
It's a crime there's no photos of Stitt on SB Nation.
Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

I can die now.

I just saw football perfection. Bob Stitt conquered the Bizon.

In his first game as head coach of the Montana Griz, Stitt lead his inherited squad into their smoke-filled home stadium and squeaked by four-time defending FCS champion North Dakota State.

It wasn’t boring.

It was back-and-fourth.

Clutch play after clutch play after clutch play.

The Griz ran 92 plays. They out-carido’d the Bizon.

It was close, but it wasn’t close.

In the fourth quarter, with under three minutes to go, down by a touchdown, Montana was held to a 4th and goal. The team that had gone for it on three fourth downs earlier in the game elected to kick a field goal.

The math didn’t make sense. Three points cut the lead to four. They still needed a touchdown.

Everyone was scratching their heads.

But then, it was clear. Bob Stitt was going for the win.

And he won.

The stout Griz defense gave Stitt the ball back with 1:39 left, and 97 seconds later, Joey Counts lowered his head and burrowed into the end zone to give Montana a 3-point lead.

It was perfect.

I can die now.