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Bring on the Podcast with Derek Smith

Our good friend returns to talk all things Kansas State football with less than two weeks to go before the season.

All signs point to this man starting at QB in week 1 vs. South Dakota.
All signs point to this man starting at QB in week 1 vs. South Dakota.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Junction City Daily Union sports editor and former Bring on the Cats writer Derek Smith is the guest for our first podcast of the 2015 football season, and he's fairly optimistic about this year's Wildcats. That's especially true for the quarterbacks and wide receivers, perhaps the two position groups raising the most question marks on offense. There are fewer questions about the legitimacy of the defense, which brings back the majority of starters from a group that was really good for most of last season. But Derek's also honest about the difficulty of a tricky schedule and what it could mean if things go badly.

Really, we're just excited for that first game so we actually have something concrete to discuss, rather than idle speculation based on last spring, last fall, one practice this August, and the carefully crafted messages of coaches and players. But since K-State still won't take the field for another two weeks, go ahead and have a listen, then feel free to join the discussion. We even have a new intro, created by Derek!

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