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Seattle Seahawks Sign Jake Waters

Former Kansas State standout joins ex/new-teammate Tyler Lockett in Seattle.

This man is now a Seahawk.
This man is now a Seahawk.
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Jon reminds us all of Josh Freeman, among others, before his preview of the Northern Sun and Northeast-10 conferences. In the second and third BOTC installments of the day, Bracket did nice work exploiting the only available picture of his next victim, Zach Davidson, but had slightly less luck finding a Brogan Barry photo.

Bob Lutz does not buy into the seventh place pick that the rest of the media has assigned the Wildcats. Yes, they lost record breaking performers, he says, and yes, the replacements are unknown...but Bill Snyder [drops mic].

If you're hoping for a solution to the Wildcat's rushing blues last year, you are not alone. And unlike you or I, a healthy and motivated Charles Jones can do something about it. Dana Dimel speaks confidently of Jonses' abilities, but also mentions the plethora of options available this year at running back, including his son.

This season, you may see Tyler Lockett and Jake Waters standing next to each other on the sidelines. Do not panic, your sanity is still intact. Waters has been signed by the Seattle Seahawks to shore up the depth at quarterback. And if you want to see this reunion in person, they will be playing at Arrowhead on Friday night.