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K-State's Akela Jones destroys heptathlon, breaks Austra Skujyte's school record

Jones posts fourth-best collegiate score ever.

Jones flies through the air and into our hearts.
Jones flies through the air and into our hearts.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Akela Jones, the phenomenal junior from Barbados, has won the 2015 NCAA Division I heptathlon.

In doing so, Jones amassed a two-day score of 6,371 points, which is absolutely insane. The mark breaks the former record held by Austra Skujyte (6,150)1, and Skujyte only went on to set a heptathlon world record and win a silver medal for Lithuania in the Olympics.

If that wasn't enough to impress, Jones posted the fourth-best official collegiate mark in history. The only performances to ever better Jones were the ridiculous 6,527 set by George Mason's Diane Guthrie in 1995, the 6,440 mark by Oregon's Brianne Theisen in 2012, and a 6,390 posted by some woman from UCLA named Jackie Joyner.


Jones had yesterday already set the NCAA single-day record by racking up 4,023 points in the first four events. Day two wasn't as phenomenal, but it was enough. At the end Jones outpaced her closest competition, Georgia's Kendell Williams, by 148 points; Quintunya Chapman, also of Georgia, took third.

The win put K-State in a tie for second in the team standings, albeit only through two events. Georgia currently leads with 14 points, thanks to their 2-3 finish, while the Wildcats are tied with Southern Illinois at 10. SIU's DeAnna Price won the hammer throw; K-State's Sara Savatovic fouled out of the competition, which actually puts a serious dent in the Wildcats' hopes of winning the national team title.

Jones becomes K-State's third NCAA heptathlon champion, and wins K-State's fourth championship in the event overall after Skujyte's 2001 and 2002 titles and the 2011 championship claimed by Ryan Krais.

1 - Skujyte did post a 6,275 while at K-State, but that was in the European Championships and, since it was not a collegiate competition, does not count as an official K-State mark; Jones obviously bested that mark as well.