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K-State Slate: 5.8.15: Recruiting stuff, Tre Harris's destination

A couple of targets have K-State on their minds, while a former WIldcat finds a new home.

No, Tre. Edwardsivlle is not awesome. It's almost East St. Louis.
No, Tre. Edwardsivlle is not awesome. It's almost East St. Louis.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

A tragic day here at BotC World Headquarters, as I have to do a Slate on a Friday. Mourn me, good citizens.

Some lunatic suggested some asinine plan to invite LSU and Arkansas to the Big 12. You should go read it, take it with every ounce of gravity you possibly can, and argue against it with every bit of your forensic skill.

Randall Evans now has a four-year deal with the Eagles, the team reported.

Our colleague Wescott Eberts reports that three-star RB Tre Bryant from St. Louis has his preliminary top five list. K-State's on it, and he's already visited. The Wildcats appear to be jockeying with Missouri, Indiana, UNLV, and Syracuse. Bryant has no real connection with Missouri, as his family moved to STL from California.

The Oklahoman's Berry Tramel takes exception to the Big 12's new tiebreakers. Namely the margin of victory clause. Note: he is not wrong.

Sean Keeler at FOX reports on efforts by Missouri to make peace with Kansas. Why make peace with your most-hated enemy when you could rekindle the #UnholyAlliance?

Jim Thomas at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch repprts that Montell Garner, a cornerback from South Alabama, got an invite to the Rams mini-camp. Garner's dad played for Kansas; his mom ran track at K-State. Sacrilege.

Kellis Robinett reports that Tre Harris has decided on his destination: SIU-Edwardsville. Yes, they're Division I, you sillies. Why, Luke even used to have to watch them play two or three times a year.

LeGerald Vick, from Douglass HS (Memphis) and the #67 player in the nation in 247's rankings, is probably going to end up at Kansas or Kentucky, per Jerry Meyer of 247. But K-State is the only other team specifically mentioned as being in the running, so we'll see how that shakes out.

Last August, the State of Kansas gambling regulator ruled that fantasy sports sites such as Fanduel and DraftKings were lotteries, and therefore illegal under the Kansas Constitution. You can stop sweating now, you scofflaws and falons. Yesterday, the Kansas House took step one toward putting a stop to that nonsense, passing a bill declaring fantasy sports to be a game of skill, not of chance.

Possibly more worrying is that 21 people voted against it, with one guy actually concerned that some guy on Fanduel is going to rig baseball games or some nonsense.