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The (not) mailbag: Trying way too hard with K-State's QB talk

K-State's QB race is wide open, but it isn't hard to understand. Or, it shouldn't be.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Some thoughts to the question I didn't receive but would have if the United States Postal Service delivered on Sundays (or, if I had a mailbag for that matter) ...

What, exactly, is that weird, unenthused chatter surrounding Jonathan Banks committing to K-State?

Right? It seems like nearly everyone had already picked their favorite among K-State's three existing quarterbacks for next year's starting spot, and that's after the Jesse Ertz/Joe Hubener/Alex Delton trio turned in a collective score of -2 on a 1-10 confidence-inspiring scale. (If two of the three guys weren't plain fast, that score would be much lower.) And somehow, the Banks news has upset those folks who are just sure their pick should start.

I don't know if it's possible to adequately explain how wide open the QB competition is right now. Nobody was legitimately impressive in last month's scrimmage, and the last thing any fan should want is that someone gets the starting nod because, doggone it, they sure do try hard, or they have been loyal, or they're a team guy, or - my personal favorite - "they deserve it."

Just stop that nonsense right now, you, before you go and embarrass yourself. There's no reason to try so hard to sound smart with this.

I said it in fewer words on Twitter earlier Wednesday, but here's what I think I see: For several reasons -- no more Jake Waters and Tyler Lockett being the biggest -- KSU looks like a team wanting to return to its running roots after a few seasons of leaning on Waters' arm. That's all well and good, but it means QB depth will be at a premium as hits pile up and the Wildcats remain the hunt for even just one feature running back between the 20-yard lines. Delton didn't show enough to merit starting, which means he should red shirt. That leaves Ertz and Hubener, and now Banks, apparently.

It doesn't feel sexy or even kind of awesome, but three average QBs, you hope, should at least be serviceable enough in a year where this team doesn't feel like it's on the verge of anything extraordinary.

P.S. - Are you going to take part in or attend the Bill Snyder Half & 5K this Saturday in Manhattan? If so, I'll be the guy in a purple shirt and gray shorts running/walking/dying in the 5K. Please say hi, but only if you have a defibrillator with you.

You know like we know there isn't a whole lot to discuss for much of the summer. So... Want to not ask me a question through the next few months so I can not answer it in the (not) mailbag? Hit me up @curtiskitchen on Twitter.