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K-State Sports Bracket - Championship Round

The Wizard preparing for battle.
The Wizard preparing for battle.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

As with the NCAA Tournament, the K-State Sports Bracket is bringing you its final competition today. The championship round pits Football Region champion and top overall seed Bill Snyder I (1989-2005) against Basketball Region champion Tex Winter. In a field largely consisting of former student-athletes, it's the two most iconic coaches in school history that remain.

This development will shock absolutely no one. Snyder's semifinal match against the Powercat was another landslide victory, one where he took a healthy 93% of the vote. Winter's victory over Non-revenue Region champion Erik Kynard was less lopsided, but at 75% was still convincing.

Both of these men are Hall of Famers and legends in their respective sports. I won't bother giving you a full accounting of their legacies, as you've heard it all before. I'll simply leave you with the ballot, and ask you to make your voice heard. There are no wrong answers today.