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K-State Sports Bracket - Final Four

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The Final Four has arrived! And, unlike that other Final Four, you don't need to be in Indianapolis to participate. Each region in the K-State Sports Bracket has chosen its representative. Now they go head-to-head to determine our One True Champion. Lets check the pairings:

(2) Tex Winter vs. (10) Erik Kynard

After taking down Steve Henson, Mike Evans, and Mitch Richmond in earlier rounds, Winter earned his place in the Final Four by besting Ernie Barrett with 75% of your votes. Kynard's final match in the Non-revenue Region saw him take a 60%-40% decision over Jim Colbert. Kynard has been an underdog by seed in every matchup so far, but that hasn't held him down. Will the Cinderella run continue?

(1) Bill Snyder I (1989-2005) vs. (2) The Powercat

For the first time in the tournament, someone actually managed a double-digit score against Snyder I. Unfortunately for Darren Sproles, the 11% of sympathy votes he received were not enough to push him into the next round.

The closest regional final was contested in the Miscellaneous Region, where the Powercat scored a 52%-48% victory over Bill Snyder Family Stadium. The iconic cat head now faces the man who brought it into being a quarter-century ago. No mere mortal has been able to slow down Snyder thus far, but the Powercat is a non-living entity. Can it pull the upset?

Your Turn

Alright, both of these choices seem pretty obvious to me, but I'm just one man with one vote. Who will you choose?