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K-State Slate: 4.29.15 - The Lockett That May Not Have Been

Let's talk about wide receivers and drafts!

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Deante Burton hopes to carry his spring game success into regular season results. The top targeted receiver in the annual purple vs. white scrimmage looks to expand his leadership role for next year and, you know, maybe catch a touchdown pass or two.

Despite what the eye may tell you, Tyler Lockett's career at Kansas State was not always a piece of cake. Kelly McHugh wrote an insightful piece on the young man from Tulsa, who divulged that his record-setting career may have never happened if not for a mind-clearing walk his freshman year.

In lieu of the upcoming draft, Kellis Robinett breaks down the recently graduated Wildcats that have a shot at making it to the next level.

BJ Finney has done his best to prove to GM's around the NFL that even in absence of top-round athletic ability, he still has the intangibles that make him a worthwhile draft pick. But regardless of where he will go, he is satisfied with all the work he has put in, and all he can do now is wait.

The BatCats drop a goose-egg at the home of the Gophers yesterday, compiling one single hit. But the Royals are still winning. So that's good...

Nino Williams, Thomas Gipson, Rodney McGruder, Jordan Henriquez, and Martavious Irving will be playing in the Leavenworth barnstorming game on May 5th, which is an exhibition against the top senior talent in the Leavenworth area. Tickets are $10 if you feel like re-living the "glory days".