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Kansas State and NFL Draft primer

In advance of this week's draft, here's some trivia for you to shock and awe your friends with the next few days.

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If you're anything like the fine folks at BOTC, you find yourself staring at the TV on NFL Draft night, thinking of really random things that either: 1) relate to the Kansas State Wildcats and the Draft; or 2) might win you a local version of Jeopardy; or 3) both.

Here's a special purple-edition primer (based on info over at and for you to sound really, really smart and stuff.

K-State players drafted by position: QB - 6; RB - 14; FB - 2; WR - 11; TE - 4; OL - 11; DL - 10; LB -11; DB - 13; K - 1;

First K-State player ever drafted: Elmer Hackney (1940 - 11th rd, FB, Philadelphia Eagles)

Number of players drafted since 1989: 56

Straight number of years at least one K-State football player has been drafted: 21

Who started the current streak: 1994: Andre Coleman (WR - San Diego; 3rd rd.) & Thomas Randolph (CB - New York Giants; 2nd rd.)

Most recent player drafted in the streak: 2014: Tavon Rooks (T - New Orleans; 6th rd.)

Most K-State players taken in a single draft: 6 (3 times: 1999, 2001, 2002)

Fewest K-State players taken in a single draft: 1 (21 times)

Total number of first-round draft picks: 5

NFL team to have drafted the most K-State players: San Diego Chargers (6)

Tallest K-State player ever drafted: 6'6" (Jeromey Clary, Josh Freeman, Ron Nery)

Shortest K-State player ever drafted: 5'5" (Mack Herron)

Lightest K-State player ever drafted: 165 lbs. (Andre Coleman)

Heaviest K-State player ever drafted: 325 lbs. (Barrett Brooks)

Longest career length by a drafted player: 16 years (Steve Grogan)

Shortest career length by a drafted player: 1 year (15 players)

Most first-team All-Pro selections: 2 (Larry Brown)

Most NFL Pro Bowl selections: 4 (Larry Brown)

Number of K-State players to have played in a Pro Bowl: 10

Total number of drafted or free-agent players Bill Snyder has sent to the pros: 117